Set in the heart of the Sierra Nevada with breathtaking panoramic views, "Mirador " is a high end recording and mix studio with luxury accommodation in a modern moorish style house. The completely unspoiled landscape makes it a dream destination for all musical projects. You can really make it whatever you want it to be.

Inspired by the late Olympic studio 2, Mirador's design was envisioned by its musician owner and realised by the same designers of what was arguably London's most desirable recording suite. A spacious, oak floored live room with extremely generous amounts of natural light and beautifully designed acoustics that easily caters for even the largest of band setups. Four isolated booths are home to a variety of vintage guitar and bass amplifiers, but can be used for any purpose. 

At the heart of Mirador's control room is a 32 Channel TLA VTC valve console; well known for its superb warm preamps and musical EQ's. The large glass window sustains the open visual feel of the whole studio. 

Tech Spec


32 Channel TLA VTC Console

TLA Patchbay


Mackie HR 824s

Mackie HR 624s

Yamaha NS10's

Genelec 1034Bs

Dynamics, FX & Pres

Alan Smart C1 Stereo Bus Compressor

Urei 1176LN Silverface

DBX 160

Drawmer DL241

Drawmer DS201

Focusrite Liquid Channel

Focusrite ISA 215

Lexicon PCM70

Eventide HC3000

Watkins Copycat Tape Delay


Neumann U87a

AKG 414 X2

Rode NT2a X2

AKG C1000 x2

AKG D112 X2

Shure SM57 X5

Shure SM58 X2


Hayden Classic Ld 80 Valve Combo

Vox Pathfinder 15R

Marshal 4/15 Cab

Ampeg B15

1966 Supro Galaxy S6688 Tube Amp


1970 Gibson SG

1962 Teisco May Queen

1963 Silvertone 1449 & AmpCase

Epiphone Les Paul Bass

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